Jonah 512

This was my final year group project called Jonah 512, which we built for a client within the industry. Jonah 512 is an interactive environment built in UE4; it is set in the late 1800's within the Black Hills area. Our task included that of building a fairly new town and the surrounding landscape.

My main roles within this project was that of world building, integration of interactivity and modelling certain assets. I helped build up the landscape, from starting off in world machine to sculpting it in UE4, to finally the placement of foliage and rocks.

To make sure it was a playable environment, I helped with building collisions and testing for bugs. As well as this, most of the interactivity was implemented by myself via blueprints.

I also helped with the placement of meshes around the town to help populate the space. There were certain meshes I also modeled, including that of the church, the river and multiple wooden buildings.

World building, specifically the landscaping and placement of assets. Modelling some assets.
Jonah was made as my final year group project for a client